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Professional and Media-related inquiries should be directed to the following inquiry form: Professional and Media-related Inquiries.  ONLY medical and other professionals, and media organizations should use that inquiry form.  General Information inquirers should use the form below.  Thank you.

TBMP has started an experimental application process that will allow former members who have been out of the program for at least five (5) years to reapply for membership.  Former members who want to reapply will need documentation showing that it has been at least five (5) years since they left the program.  If they are accepted back into the program, it is with the knowledge that they will not be accepted back in the future if they drop out of the program a second time.

TBMP strongly urges former members who do not qualify under this process to join another group where they can get the support and encouragement that will help them reach their goal. If you are motivated now, please don't wait.

Information on University-based weight loss programs is available from the National Institutes of Health's:

Weight-control Information Network (WIN)

Please DO NOT use this form to apply for membership in a Satellite Group, or for information concerning group openings, locations or meeting times.

Inquires of the type listed above will not receive an answer as the information is available on the TBMP website (as shown below.)

(TBMP members, please do not use this form to contact the Home Office.  See one of your group leaders for Home Office contact information.)

To submit an application for group membership, please follow the instructions that may be found on the "Trevose Behavior Modification Program Satellite List" webpage.

To find out about Satellite Group locations, meeting times and opening availability, please find that information on the "Trevose Behavior Modification Program Satellite List" webpage.

Thank you.

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